Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

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Videoslot CorsairVideoslot "Corsair"

Videoslot with Adjustable Probability of Winning!

Videoslot "Corsair" - an emulator of the slot machines for PC.

There are a lot of kinds of slot machines - classic and modern, with lots of bonuses. Just like any other industry, videoslots games develop fast. All developers of videoslots games insert their corrections and innovations.

Videoslot "Corsair" is not an exception. We hope that you will spend your free time pleasantly with our videoslot. Videoslot "Corsair" is a game in 5 reels, for 15 lines. four bonus-games, jackpot, free spins, super-game, accessible interface are probably better than they are on playing machines. Moreover - there are excellent sounds and wonderful 32bit graphics in the game.

Videoslot "Corsair" has a big amount of options to set up your "slot machine" as you like.


A NEW function was added: it is possible now to change settings of your "slot machine" so that it wins more money than it loses or vice versa.

A slot machine is designed in such a way that it has to pay off to players approximately 80% of the money inserted to it. But it means that if you start playing on a machine which has just paid off a lot of money to a previous player, you are doomed to a loss, doesn't it? The machine will try to get back its 20%, and you will be losing money. I am sure that it possible to win even from a slot machine which has been set up so that it wins more than it loses! For this purpose, an option to adjust probability of winning or losing was introduced in Videoslot "Corsair". Try to analyze game strategies and you will learn to win from most greedy slot machines!

This option can also be used by those who just likes to play on machines which let a gambler to win.

Super-realistic design is another new feature in this version, as well as a couple of other small improvements. Stunningly realistic graphics, sound and animation are sure to please. This game was made by slot machine lovers for slot machine lovers!


This is the real quality! Enjoy it!