Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

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  • Размер шрифта по умолчанию
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Is added “Boss” function. Now the program is minimized in tray after pressing ESC.

Program has a big amount of options. Press "Options" button and choose "Cards" to change kind of pack. As from the version 4.5 of the program "Automatic video poker" it is possible to connect packs of cards. For this You must get and unpack the file with a pack of cards in "exe" file. Run this file and setup pack. Then at the section "Cards", in the window "Options", in falling out list must appear a name of new pack. On the whole You can connect up to 15 packs of playing cards. The list of the Packs accessible for downloads will be renewed.


In "Options" window you can also choose on of three extra games for multiplication:


"Red - Black"

"Big - Small"

"Russian Roulette"


In the "Options" window you can choose amount of cards to guess (the traditional kind is amount of cards depending on sequence - if you have big sequence, you have to guess small number of cards).


Luck settings


With these options you can set up your "gambling machine" so that it wins more than it loses or vice versa.

These options can be used by those who want to learn how to win from a gambling machine even if it is has been programmed to win, or by those who like to play on a machine which permits players to win.

By shifting the position of sliders you can change probability of getting a winning hand as well a chances of correct guess during the additional double-up game.

For example, if you set the slider "winning combination probability" to +100%, then every other deal will contain some winning combination. (Unless you intentionally decide to hold cards with which it is impossible to form any winning hand)

Accordingly, if you set the slider to -100%, you will not be getting any winning hands at all.

As use of this settings is not "fair", any change of slider position will cause the statistics to turn off and the program will stop keeping track of money won and lost.

You can reset Luck settings to default values by clicking on Zero button, and the amount of your money will reset to the initial value.

When all of the Luck settings are set to 0, game is played according to usual rules.

There are no Luck settings for Russian roulette game, and that is intentional: the developer would like to strongly discourage you from fooling around with firearms.

Here you can also set time limits for the game. This option is for those who are liable to get "carried away" too much.



ADVICE: You can learn to win from a really tough one-armed bandit!