Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

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Bonus and Jackpot

If you have only one pair of cards (jacks or better), the bonus sum will increase; the bet sum will be added to bonus. When the bonus sum is more than 100 (if your bet is 40, the bonus sum should be over 400, if your bet is 50 - then bonus should be 500, etc.), it is to draw - you can try to double it or take it - just like when you draw any poker hands.

When bonus is in draw, jackpot sum increases by 20% from the bonus sum. Jackpot is to draw when you have the best hands - "5 of a kind" and "Royal Flush". If you have one of these poker hands, you are not to play extra game ("Russian Roulette" is the exception). After taking your credits by pressing "Cash Out" you will have to draw for jackpot. When you draw for jackpot, you are to guess Joker from three cards. With every Joker you get 33% from jackpot sum. If you're lucky, you get the whole sum, and jackpot sum will become 10,000 credits.


ADVICE: Please always finish the game by pressing "Exit" button - make program remember bonus and jackpot sums.