Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

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  • Размер шрифта по умолчанию
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Red - Black


"Red - Black" is the most popular game used in the poker slot machines to increase your winning.

You are to guess the colour of the card (it can be red or black). If you guess, you will double your credits. If you don't - then, you get nothing. If you don't want to risk all the sum, you can press "1/2" button and take a half of your credits, and continue guessing.

If you are not sure, you can ask "computer's help" by pressing "?". Program will choose red or black for you. You can analyze program's strategy, and win much more often!

If you want to see the next card after taking credits, tick "Take money and see the next card" in "Options" window.



Big - Small


Play it at your own risk. Accept it by pressing "Yes!" button. After that, you will see some card on the top. You should click one of five cards below. If that card is bigger than the card on the top, your winning will be multiplied by two. If it is smaller, you get nothing. If that two cards have the same rank, you are to guess again.


ADVICE: Don't take credits too fast, play up to the end! And you'll win!