Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

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  • Размер шрифта по умолчанию
  • Уменьшить размер шрифта


Coin. It’s the most easy and probably the most popular additional game. You should just guess what hand the coin is hidden. Your chance is 50x50.


Red - Black

"Red - Black" is the most popular game used in the poker slot machines to increase your winning.

You are to guess the colour of the card (it can be red or black). If you guess, you will double your credits. If you don't - then, you get nothing. Your winnings will increase twice if the color of the card’s suit is the same as the one which is on top.



Big - Small

Play it at your own risk. Accept it by pressing "Double Up!" button. After that, you will see some card on the top. You should click one of five cards below. If that card is bigger than the card on the top, your winning will be multiplied by two. If it is smaller, you get nothing. If that two cards have the same rank, you are to guess again. It should be remembered, that the card with large of value, possible not exists.


ADVICE: It’s recommended to use the option: “ Random choose”. If this option is turned on the additional game is chosen by chance every time.