Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

  • Увеличить размер шрифта
  • Размер шрифта по умолчанию
  • Уменьшить размер шрифта


We begin playing with betting money. To bet money, press the "Insert" button on keyboard. All the money that are set on stake and taken off will be calculated and you will see the result in the end of game. You can see the results in any time of the game, though - just press the "F4" button. This also will help you to calculate credits if you use Videoslot "Corsair" as a game for real money. Moreover, the log file is created special for it. You can see the statistic by pressing "see the log file" button in "Options" window.

Then choose your bet by pressing " +" and " -" on Num Pad. You can to make a bet on a separate line, pressing on proper label on the line. The window “Total bets” summarizes the bets from all the lines and shows the sum in credits, which is played in this moment. So, the more, the better...

After counting on the bets, press on the key "Space" or mouse click on reels area.

After deal, If you get one or a few lucky combinations the winnings summarize. If you have winning sequence, you are to make a choice: you can either take your credits or try to increase it by playing on of the extra game:

"Red - Black"