Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

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Double game

"Red - Black" is the most popular game used in the slot machines to increase your winning.

You are to guess the colour of the card (it can be red or black). If you guess, you will double your win. If you don't - then, you get nothing. You have seven attempt. If winning on all seven card, then You get super-game and 10% from winning sum add on bonus red-black.


Free games

Free games - spin of reels without reducing a credit.

If You getted three or more ship on line then You get the right to win free spins. On card You must choose one ship. Beside ship will appear amount a free spins which You win. Amount of free spins will be displayed in the window an "win" by the green colour.

3 ships - from 1 to 8 free spins.

4 ships - from 2 to 16 free spins.

5 ships - from 6 to 24 free spins.

Warning! If change any bet during the free play, all free games get lost!