Automatic VideoPoker, Videoslot Corsair

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Super-game and JackPot


Super game

If You win all seven cards on "Red - Black" game, or You win not empty box on the bonus - game, then You get super game.

You have the islands card and broken compass. You should arrive on the island with the lighthouse. Click on the compass. Compass's arrow will show amount the steps for ship on card. If the ship stopped on island with treasure box, then double Your win. If the ship stopped on pirate's island, the ship will be sink and super-game end. Anyway, Your all win will be add in credit.



When super-game is in draw, jackpot sum increases by 5% from the win sum. Jackpot is to draw when you have the best sequence - "5 Jokers". If you're lucky, you get the whole sum, and jackpot sum will become 0 credits. Jackpot possible to double or take in credits.


ADVICE: Please always finish the game by pressing "Exit" button - make program remember options and jackpot sum.